Despite holding the upper hand after a 2-0 win in the first leg of their 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup semi-final Thailand have vowed not to sit and defend that lead as they prepare for tomorrow’s second leg showdown with Vietnam.

Coach Alexandre Polking said that, upon reflection, his decision to try and contain Vietnam in the second half of the first match wasn’t the correct one and that won’t be an approach they repeat.

“I’m not happy with the second half, it was my decision to try and stay compact and get them to press more, which they don’t like doing, but it was risky even though they didn’t present too much danger with how they were playing.”

Polking also joked that he’s been working through the night trying to assess how Vietnam may play and how they can nullify the threat of the Golden Star Warriors.

“I can’t sleep and it seems like I’ve been working for 20 hours looking at all the different scenarios.

“We know they have now lost two of their best four central defenders so maybe they will play a back four, maybe they will push the wingbacks higher or other elements but we also need to consider our strengths and for sure we won’t play the same way that we did in the second half.”

For Vietnam things are fairly straightforward and that’s a situation where they must look to be aggressive and chase goals with coach Park Hang-seo declaring the match will be like a ‘war.’

“After we lost the first leg it’s not easy for this match, we must give all our effort but we don’t need to rush or push things.”

“It will be an exciting match, like a war but a good war.”

The Korean coach also called on the referee to try and control the emotion between the two teams whilst stressing his side must be tactically flexible during the game.

“As for how we will approach things you will see tomorrow but for Thailand it’s difficult to predict how they will approach the match.

“Maybe they will change players or maybe play defensively but we must prepare well, adjust for whatever scenarios arise and follow our way of playing.”