After the COVID pandemic swept its way through Southeast Asia, some may have been wondering if the 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup would have been held at all. There were also doubts raised about how hosting the region’s premier football tournament in a central location would have impacted the atmosphere.

Well, after the group stage has come to a successful conclusion those fears have well and truly been laid to rest with Singapore proving a fantastic host. One of the advantages that the nation has is its truly cosmopolitan nature with people from countless countries and backgrounds living there.

In turn that’s led to some raucous support and even with reduced capacity in place there’s still been a lively atmosphere right across the 20 matches played so far as the supporters have turned out to cheer their teams on.

But who do you think is the best? We've compiled a list and ask you to vote below and let us know who you think have been the best fans so far at the 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup.



One of the loudest and most passionate fan bases anywhere in Southeast Asia are the Indonesian supporters and whilst they may not have been able to travel en masse, those that are in Singapore have made up for their lack of numbers with a typically fierce and vocal support.


Given that they share a border with Singapore it’s little surprise that Malaysian fans have also been able to turn out in large numbers with their familiar black and yellow shirts and passionate chants a highlight of the Harimau Malaya matches so far.


They might not be as large in numbers as some of the other fan groups that we’ve seen at the tournament but the Azkals supporters always seem to be having a good time and making sure that their voice is heard.


Naturally the host nation has a clear advantage in terms of garnering support but Singapore football fans have really turned out in huge numbers to back a resurgent Lions side that’s roared into the semifinals for the first time since 2012.


Wherever you go in Southeast Asia there seems to be Vietnamese football fans and they all share a common bond; an undying love for their national team and a sheer joy and delight in singing, clapping, banging and dancing for the full 90 minutes.