Both Indonesia and Singapore have declared that the possibility of a penalty shootout is not something that they’re considering as they look to get the job done in regulation time in their semi-final, second leg, clash at the National Stadium on Saturday.

With things tightly poised after the first leg ended 1-1 there’s a chance that it could go down to spot kicks but coach Garuda coach Shin Tae-yong said that their focus was on finishing things inside 90 minutes.

“I’m not even thinking about going to a penalty shootout and we want to finish the match before then. Of course it’s a possibility but it’s not in my planning at all," said the Korean tactician. 


In a boost, the versatile Ramai Rumakiek returns from suspension for the second leg and he said that the players are freshly rested and focussed on doing all they can to reach the final.

“I wasn’t available for the first leg but I hope to get an opportunity to play tomorrow," said the Persipura Jayapura youngster. 

“The players aren’t tired at all, rather we’re excited for the match and coach Shin has given us a good plan so we’re confident we can have success.”  

Singapore are aiming to reach their first final since 2012 with coach Tatsuma Yoshida also laying down the gauntlet for his side to get things finished before any possible shootout.


“I don’t have any plans for penalties and I want to finish inside 90 minutes but of course both extra time and penalties could be possible," he admitted. 

The Japanese coach also touched on the tight turnaround between matches and what areas that the team has been focussing on heading into tomorrow’s showdown.

“It will be a tough game, we cannot improve our skill level or tactical level in such a short time but we can improve our team spirit and motivation and I always trust and believe in my team.

“My team manager has constantly been saying Christmas, Christmas, Christmas because we will play on Christmas and I was getting a bit tired of his voice but I want to give a Christmas present to all Singapore fans and for Singapore football.”